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I LIKE THE WAY HE DOES IT (Waters) Ethel Waters - 1929 I just can't count all the beaus I've had Some were good, some were bad Some of them just seemed to suit a style But this last one has got them beat a mile There were some I thought I loved quite a lot But this one's just so different, got something the rest ain't got Why, when he kisses me, kisses me, I just sigh If I was to lose his kisses, I'm startin' to believe I'd die Because I like the way he does it, mmm-mmm I don't know why, but I do Course to you it might not seem like there's nothing to it But it's the way I feel when he's through And I thank the Lord continuously that I'm so good and stout That he gives me strength so that I can hold out It would be a matter of impropriety to go into details as to why But nevertheless, I do And it makes no difference with him if you're short or tall 'Cause he's got a brand that seems to suit them all 'Cause if she's thin, it makes 'em fat And reduces the fat ones, can you imagine that And, you know, I've been hearin' this kind o' noise around He'd rather build 'em up any day, than tear them down And, should he give you just one good squeeze You fall for him like autumn leaves But since I've gone in for this extensive study I'll be frank, I find these young men expensive buddies But this one so much fills all of my desires In fact his love has got such a kick, sometimes it almost backfires Well, he's just about as thin as anyone you'd meet But you know the old sayin', nearer the bone, sweeter the meat And as long as he keeps up his speed Waters is keepin' him regardless of sentiment, I sure am indeed Because I like the way he does it, mmm-mmm I don't know why, but I do And I understand why you all would be in no sympathy with me Yet he gets around it so easy, too And I've been kissed thousands of times before And hope to live long enough to stand a few thousand more But I'll never forget the way this one does it, mmm-mmm Like postal, there's a reason why I do (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2017)


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