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I LIKE THE WAY YOU SAY GOODNIGHT Leslie Holmes & Phyllis Robins - 1935 LESLIE: Every day's a happy day for you and me There's one fault that I find Your Ma and Pa, they hang around eternally They must be most unkind I like the way you say goodnight Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, it's just delight Why do you say it's time I ought to go And when I want to stay, you say "No! No! No!" All day you keep me out of range But in the evening how you seem to change When we've said "Auf Wiedersehen", then we start to kiss again Mmm, I like the way you say goodnight PHYLLIS: I'm going home, darling, you've said goodnight LESLIE: Well? PHYLLIS: Well, what do people usually do after they've said goodnight? LESLIE: Oh, I know, turn the lights out PHYLLIS: Ha-ha-ha, oh listen, I believe that's Father LESLIE: Oh no, it isn't closing time yet PHYLLIS: Oh, oh, darling, oh, you mustn't, you mustn't, you mustn't, I shall scream LESLIE: Well, go on then, scream, ha-ha-ha PHYLLIS: Oh, don't be silly, somebody might hear me LESLIE: Oh, no they won't PHYLLIS: Darling, you know better than to treat me cold LESLIE: Gosh, you freeze me right through, you know PHYLLIS: Yes, but Dad's got on his shooting boots, he's had them soled LESLIE: Oh, that's my cue PHYLLIS: Why, I know you won't like the way he says goodnight You'll find that his goodnight is not polite You'd better go, or else look out for strife LESLIE: Oh, I always like to get a big kick out of life PHYLLIS: I know it's very hard to part But wait until the weather's warm and bright Ma and Pa will go away on their annual holiday Then you'll like the way I say goodnight (Orchestral Interlude) PHYLLIS: Mmm, darling, I love the way you say goodnight to me My hair's all straight, ooh, I look an awful fright LESLIE: Oh, that's all right, now, I've got a pocket comb Now, just another cuddle and I will go home PHYLLIS: Oh, you've kissed a lot of girls, I know LESLIE: Well, one has to now and then to be polite You know I must practice, you'll agree PHYLLIS: Yes, of course, but not on me LESLIE: Oh, I like the way you say goodnight (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2017)


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