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I LIKE TO LEAD WHEN I DANCE Lyrics: Sammy Cahn - Music: Jimmy Van Heusen Frank Sinatra with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra "A little voice keeps talking to me >From way down deep inside; What does this voice keep saying to me? It says 'Pass this affair, and pass it wide.' You may be a puzzle, But I like the way the parts fit. Still, that little voice says 'Go get your track shoes, put them on, and git!' We could go the distance, and find us romance; I like your persistence, your style Andrea your stance. There's only one problem ... the tiniest problem ... I like to lead when I dance. Your eyes do the speaking; they talk with each glance. My willpower's creaking; I might take a chance - And though you're the charmer who could bend my armor, I like to lead when I dance. I like to steer the car whenever I drive, And hold the door ajar when we arrive. So, if it's decided that this is romance, My sweet, I'll repeat in advance: I like to lead when I dance. I like to lead when I dance. When Adam bit the fruit, as fashions were then, He got that fig-leaf suit ... for which, Amen. So if it's decided I'm wearing the pants Then, Eve, I'd say we've got romance. I like to lead, I set the speed, I like to lead when I dance; When I dance, when I dance, when I dance." (As featured on The Music of the Stars with Lou Rugani over WLIP) (Contributed by Lou Rugani - THE MUSIC OF THE STARS (WLIP) - October 2015)


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