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I LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE (Rollini / Keane / Rogers (m & l) ) As sung by Annette Hanshaw with Joe Venuti and Adrian Rollini 1927 (Intro and final by the multi-instrumentalist Adrian Rollini, bass saxophone, jazz violin, piano and others) I like what you like And you like what I like Why can't you like a little girl like me? I know that you know That I go where you go That I like you, it's plain to see. We could be happy If you'll say the word Tell me you want to Now you do, don't you? You will, won't you? Let's have a showdown And give me the lowdown Why can't you like a girl like me. (bridge to end) Notes: (Catherine) Annette Hanshaw, an American, was a blues and jazz singer from the 1920s and early 1930s and was purportedly one of the first female jazz singers of that era. She was known as 'The Personality Girl' or later as the 'The Flapper Girl' by her followers and fit the 1920s period perfectly with her flapper style and sweet innocent-sounding voice. She often ended her songs with the cute tag "That's All" (above). See MY BLACKBIRDS ARE BLUEBIRDS NOW and LOVABLE & SWEET . Some consider the later Hanshaw, a 'torch singer' along with the likes of Ruth Etting, Mildred Bailey, Jane Froman and Bebe Daniels. Strangely,she thought her abilities 'wanting' by her own standards and retired early to married life, after only 15 years in the business. Hanshaw also recorded under the names 'Gay Ellis' or 'Dot Dare' or 'Patsy Young' and a variety of other pseudonyms. (Transcribed by David Story May 2014


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