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I LIVE ALONE Gordon Jenkins Robin Redd with the Gordon Jenkins Orchestra I live alone ... I do my nails and change the furniture around ... I feed the dog and see that all the clocks are wound ... I dust a chair, I wash my hair ... I wouldn't dare to let my foolish fancies wander to the past. My life's a play with just one person in the cast, Although it's true there once were two. His eyes were blue as midnight, And his smile was brighter than noon, But still, I sent him away too soon. He was young and strong - he loved me, And his kiss was sweeter than spring. I guess I did the right thing. I wonder ... Well, anyway ... I live alone, Although quite often I get restless and decide To get my bag and put my travelin' clothes inside And take a plane, and see the Seine, Or go to Spain for tea. But when it's time to leave, I weaken - I realize that I must stay. So I unpack - He might come back Someday. (Transcribed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - February 2011)


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