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I LIVE FOR YOUR LOVE Roberta Flack Stand up Withstand on your own That's what they tell me You can make it alone But where does it say I have to move Far away from you To prove I'm strong? Oh... When all it really proves is I'm lonely without you And loneliness has to be wrong Chorus: I Live For Your Love (ev'ry day) Ev'ry minute I Live For Your Love (got one life) Want you in it I Live For Your Love I admit it I Live For Your Love I Wake up With no one to kiss Sometimes I wonder If I just exist I know I've got people I could see Places I could be And friends who call Oh.. But what good does it do? There's no substitute for you I want you or nothing at all (Chorus) I Live For Your Love and your kisses And oh how I'm missin' your sweet tender touch I need you so much that I just can't go on anymore What I wouldn't give for 'Cause darling.. (Chorus


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