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I'LL B.B.C-ING YOU (In Town Tonight) (Harris / Montgomery) as recorded by Lew Stone & his Band 1935 I'll B.B.C-in' you, it's the latest craze, I'll B.B.C-in' you, it's quite the craze. I'll B.B.C-in' you, that's what they say, I'll B.B.C-in' you, most any day. Now everybody says it, High brows, low brows, swells, Business men and bankers, Even the ne'er do wells! I'll B.B.C-in' you, when the lights are bright, I'll B.B.C-in' you, in town tonight. There'll be soft lights and sweet music, Beautiful women, young people beginning to dance 'neath the dim lights above. Warm, soft light and gleaming, Some of them scheming And some of them dreaming of love. And then we'll leave the society places, Where blase waiters take all that you've got. And then we'll go on to a place Where it is no disgrace To go hot-cha to music that's hot! There'll be celebrities meeting their public, And missing girls who are sought in the news. And lots of will-be's and aint's, Many sinners and saints, And a man all alone with the blues. And when we've seen all this make-believe heaven, We'll pay our bill as we stifle a yawn, 'Cause the band's uninspired And the waiters are tired, And we'll wend our way home with the dawn. I'll B.B.C-in' you, in town tonight. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2016)


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