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I'LL BE HAPPY WHEN THE PREACHER MAKES YOU MINE (Words by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young / Music by Walter Donaldson, 1919) I'm blue, so blue, Can't get interested in a thing I do; If you only knew, The dreams that I've been dreaming of you all night through; Only yesterday I dreamed I lost you, I awoke and found myself in tears; One week, seven little days; Seem like seven years. Amen, Amen, Let me hear that word then I'll be glad again; Till then, you know when, I'll be just like a lion in a lonely den; Bought the ring and everything is ready All I've got to do is slip it on; One week, seven little days; Wish that they were gone. I can't wait until next Sunday morning, I'll be so happy when the preacher makes you mine; You love the melodies, of birds and honey bees; But tell me what could be sweeter than the choir singing, While the wedding bells are ding dong dinging; On our way to church next Sunday morning, We'll hear the people whisper, "don't they both look fine," I may be nervous for a while, and during service I won't smile, But I'll be dog-gone happy when the preacher makes you mine. (Amen then, hal-le-lu-jah, hal-le-lu-jah!)


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