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I'LL BE TRUE TO YOU (Alan Rhody) The Oak Ridge Boys - 1977 They met up on the blue moon And they parted on a cloudy day They were so in love and out of school But he was going so far, far away She said, "I'll be true to you Even though you don't want me to I'll be blue for you Even though you've asked me not to" Well the years drifted by them as we all know they can He found other women, but she refused other men But as fate would have it, they met again She was on a downhill slide, he was just slidin' in As he looked into her eyes that night, he never realized The only real love in his life was passin' by When he turned and left her there, his words, "Ggood bye" He heard her calling out to him and as he walked She cried, "I've been true to you, Seems like speakin' to me is the least that you could do And I've been blue for you Even though you've asked me not to" She'd been drinking way too hard one night She'd been drinking way too long Alone and pale in a cheap hotel She died there in the dawn Kneeling by her grave Oh, so late and oh, so wrong He longed to hold her close again Crying on and on He cried, "I'll be true to you After all that I have put you through Aand I'll be blue for you Though you never even asked me to"


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