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I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER (Don Davis / Tony Gray / Robert E. Johnson) The Holidays - 1966 (I'll love you forever) (I'll love you forever) (I'll love you forever) (I'll love you forever) Now listen to me, baby Well, I'm not just another hall of fame And bright lights don't shine on my name But more important than all these things The joy and happiness that your love brings That's why (I'll love you forever), mmmmmm, baby (I'll love you forever) My, my, my Forever (Forever) and ever (and ever) Forever (Forever) and ever, baby My little baby, baby, baby, baby I'll love you till the sea runs dry I'll love you till the stars fall from the sky, my, my, my, my The sweet things you do and say Make our love strong in so many ways The greatest gift that a man can receive Can be no greater than the love you give to me That's why (I'll love you forever, baby) (I'll love you forever, baby) I'm gonna love you (I'll want you forever) Till the stars fall from the sky (I'll need you forever) Until the sea, the sea, the sea runs dry .......... FADE (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2014)


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