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I'LL SOON BE ROLLING HOME (Music: Ken Trietsch / Lyrics: Ken Trietsch & Mark D. Schafer) Hoosier Hot Shots - 1936 Pack my grip, I'll take a trip And tomorrow folks I'll skip Down where they all say, "Howdy, Joe" Down among the sugar cane There my mammy waits for me With a smile I like to see I can hardly wait for the sound Of that good old South bound train Tomorrow I cease wand'ring, boys No more a rollin' stone I bought my ticket for the southland And I'll soon be rollin' home Down where the sun shines On that cabin where I was born And my dear old mother Who is waiting there alone I see the blue smoke rollin' Rollin' from that old log cabin flue That was made from sticks and clay Long years ago, yes years ago I smell pancakes, ham and bacon I'm sure she will be makin' When I reach that old log cabin Known to me as home sweet home (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2016)


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