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I’LL TAKE TALLULAH (Burton Lane (m) / E. Y. Harburg (l)) 1942 Bert Lahr / Tommy Dorsey / Red Skelton and Eleanor Powell sung alternately in the film. Have you met Dolores Yes, I’ve met Dolores She's queen of the chorus Well you can have the chorus. Have you met Olivia Solid chick Olivia Her I’d gladly give ya Throw her in the riviah Who’s your queen and rulah Tallulah. Oh that gal Tallulah He’s Tallulah’s foolah I would fight a duelah Tullulah’s got him screwlah. I would climba hillah Just like Jack and Jillah Paddle to Brazilah Oh this is getting sillah ‘Cause I love her trulah Who… Tallulah. When she stops XXXX conga XXXX madam XXXX It’s fricassee No one doing the hula Can do what Tallulah can do to me. I have met Latima Latima is a schema I have met Marquita Marquita is a cheeta. I have met Jamima She’s a social climah I have met Ophilia She will double deal ya. The one who loved me trulah I’ll take Tallulah. NOTES: From MGM B & W film ‘Ship Ahoy’ May 1942 (US) Director: Edward Buzzell Leads: Eleanor Powell / Red Skelton / Bert Lahr / Virginia O’Brien Frank Sinatra makes his film debut here with Tommy Dorsey. Buddy Rich and Eleanor Powell both combine here for a famous dance routine. (Transcribed by David Story - November 2013)


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