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I'LL TAKE THE DOG (Marge Barton / Fred McRae) Jean Shepard & Ray Pillow - 1966 JEAN: (Spoken) Well, we just left the courthouse this morning, and the Judge said we could go our sperate ways. RAY: (Spoken) And ev'rything we own must be divided, just like the seperation papers say. RAY: You can keep the curtains and the tables and the chairs And all those dirty dishes in the sink JEAN: Well, you can take the golf clubs and the television set And that lawnmower that's always on the blink RAY: You can keep all the records and the hi-fi set JEAN: You can take that phoney fireplace and the logs RAY: (Spoken) Uh, you can keep the car JEAN: (Spoken) But you can keep the boat RAY: (Spoken) And I'll take the dog JEAN: (Spoken) No, I'll take the dog RAY: (Spoken) Oh no, I'm gonna take the dog RAY: Well, who's gonna bring me my paper JEAN: Who's gonna keep me company RAY: You'll just have to give him up JEAN: Uh-uh, I ain't partin' with that pup BOTH: The dog belongs to me JEAN: (Spoken) Now, hold on Ray. You ain't gonna take this dog away from me. I'm the one that feeds him ev'ry day, and who always takes care of him when he's sick. RAY: (Spoken) Now, wait just a minute Jeannie. I guess you forget who it was who that always took him to the vet and paid for all them shots at seven bucks a lick. JEAN: You can just forget about him RAY: I ain't leavin' here without him JEAN: Then you'll just have to stay RAY: I guess that's the only way JEAN: Okay JEAN: I'll give back the curtains and the tables and the chairs And I'll wash the dirty dishes in the sink RAY: And I won't take the golf clubs or the television set And I'll fix that mower that's always on the blink BOTH: We'll both listen to the records on the hi-fi set By the fireplace with its gas burnin' logs RAY: We'll go ridin' in our car JEAN: And we'll go sailin' in our boat BOTH: And we'll both take the dog Yes, we'll both take the dog RAY: C'mon Poochie JEAN: Aah, come to Mama RAY: Ah, he sure is sweet, isn't he JEAN: Yes, he sure is..........FADE (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2007) (Contributed by - August 2007)


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