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I'LL TAKE YOU HOME AGAIN, KATHLEEN (Traditional / Thomas P. Westendorf) (1875) Recorded by : Kenneth Alwyn; Louis Browne; Casa Loma Orch.; Brian Coll; Andy Cooney; Phil Coulter; The Countdown Singers; Bing Crosby; Deanna Durbin; Erin Isle Singers; Martin Flynn; Foster & Allen; Finbar Furey; The Fureys; James Galway; John Gary; Glen Gray; Melody Greenwood; Merv Griffin; Claire Hamilton; Brian Hoey; David Houston; Ivory Joe Hunter; Red Hurley; Irish Ceili Band; Irish Chamber Orch.; Brian Kennedy; Tony Kenny; Tom Kilpatrick; Carole Koenig; Gary Lakes; Lieutenant Pigeon; Josef Locke; Hank Locklin; Mac Namara's Singers; Jim McCann; McGilligan's Party Band; Glenn Miller & His Orch.; Mitch Miller; New Ireland Orch.; Dermot O'Brien; Jimmy O'Byrne; Daniel O'Donnell; Michael O'Duffy; Sy Oliver; 101 Strings Orch.; Frank Parker; Frank Patterson; The Platters; Elvis Presley; The Sons Of The Pioneers; Thomas P. Westendorf; Slim Whitman. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen Across the ocean wild and wide To where your heart has ever been Since first you were my bonnie bride. The roses all have left your cheek. I've watched them fade away and die Your voice is sad when e'er you speak And tears bedim your loving eyes. Refrain: |: Oh! I will take you back, Kathleen To where your heart will feel no pain And when the fields are fresh and green I'II take you to your home again! :| I know you love me, Kathleen, dear Your heart was ever fond and true. I always feel when you are near That life holds nothing dear, but you. The smiles that once you gave to me I scarcely ever see them now Though many, many times I see A dark'ning shadow on your brow. Refrain: To that dear home beyond the sea My Kathleen shall again return. And when thy old friends welcome thee Thy loving heart will cease to yearn. Where laughs the little silver stream Beside your mother's humble cot And brightest rays of sunshine gleam There all your grief will be forgot. Refrain:


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