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I'LL TAKE YOU THERE (Alvertis Isbell) The Staple Singers Also recorded by: Cornelius Bumpus; The Countdown Singers; The Deltones; Phil Driscoll; The Fabulous Boogie Kings; General Public; Benny Grunch; Wayne Henderson; Ladysmith Black Mambazo; Loop; Johnny Otis; Stephanie Pettis; The Starlite Orch. & Singers; SWV; Carla Thomas; Moses Tyson Jr.; Reuben Wilson; BeBe & CeCe Winans; Marva Wright; Zydeco Force. Aaaaah, haaa I know a place Ain't nobody cryin' Ain't nobody worried Ain't no smilin' faces Mmm-mmm, no, no Lyin' to the races Help me, come on, come on Somebody, help me, now (I'll take you there) Help me, y'all (I'll take you there) Help me now (I'll take you there) Oh, mmm-mmm (I'll take you there) Oh, oh, mercy (I'll take you there) Oh, let me take you there (I'll take you there) Oh-oh-hoooo, let me take you there (I'll take you there) Play it Mary, play your Play your piano now All right Aaaaaah, do it, do it Come on now Play on it, play on it Big Daddy, now Daddy, Daddy, Daddy Play your, ummmmm Ooh, Lord All right now Baby, little lady, easy now Help me now Come on, little lady All right Dum-dum-dum-dum Doin' sockin' soul Aaaaaaah, oooh, aaaaah I know a place, y'all (I'll take you there) Ain't nobody cryin' there (I'll take you there) Ain't nobody worried, y'all (I'll take you there) No smilin' faces (I'll take you there) Uh-uh (Lyin' to the races) (I'll take you there) Oh, oh, no Oh (I'll take you there) Oh, oh, (I'll take you there) Mercy now (I'll take you there) I'm callin' callin' callin' for mercy (I'll take you there) Mercy, mercy (I'll take you there) You gotta, gotta, gotta let me Let me take you, take you Take you over there


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