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I’LL TELL THE MAN IN THE STREET (Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart) Barbra Streisand February 1963 >From the May 1938 Broadway stage musical ‘I Married An Angel’ Leads: Dennis King / Vivienne Segal / Walter Slezak Also sung by: Nelson Eddy Feb 1942 Kristin Chenoweth 2001 I won't tell of my love To the red, red rose Or the running brook Where the sweet magnolia grows. I won't tell of my love To every little star Or the whippoorwill On the hill above. I'll tell the man in the street And everyone I meet That you and I are sweethearts. I'll shout it out from the roof I'll give the papers proof That we two are complete hearts. I want the world to know I'd use the radio. And when I've said all I say You may be old and gray But you can't get away from me. (Transcribed by David Story - August 2013)


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