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I'LL WED THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND (Words and Music By: Will A. Dillon, 1916) I'm dreaming of my little girl, away back home alone, the girl I've always known, the girl who's all my own; I see her hand a waving, and a tear drop in her eye, it broke her heart to hear me say goodbye. She murmured, "I'll be watching for you, praying for you, too, You'll some day find me waiting here for you!" Right now my heart is waking and the old love calls a new, it thrills me through and through, for one so fond and true; Oh, I can wait no longer, for there's something to say, "Go back and find your old sweet heart today." So I'm off to keep the promise that I made her long ago, I'm going back because I love her so. I can picture tonight in the dim candle light, the girl I left behind I can see her once more at the old cottage door, waiting with love divine for I gave her the ring and I promised to bring, bring the parson back and make her mine, so I'm going right back, hang my hat on the rack, and wed the girl I left behind.


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