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I LOVE BEING HERE WITH YOU (Bill Schluger / Peggy Lee) Peggy Lee with orchestra conducted by Joe Harnell recorded (live) February 1961 New York I love the east, I love the west, And north and south, they're both the best, But I'll only go there as a guest, 'Cause I love being here with you! I love the sea, I love the shore, I love the rocks, and what is more, With you there, they'd never be a bore, 'Cause I love being here with you! Singing in the shower, Laughing by the hour, Life is such a breezy game! Love all kinds of weather, Long as we're together, I love to hear you say my name! I like good wine and fine cuisine, And candle light, I like the scene, But baby, if you know what I mean, I love being here with you! I like a dance by Fred Astaire, And Brando's eyes, Yul Brynner's hair! But I think to tell you's only fair, That I love being here with you! And Cary Grant, oh do-dah-day! His utter charm takes me away. But don't get me wrong, how do you say, That I love being here with you! Now Basie's Band is swingin', I like Ella's singing, Because there's something else, you know. They know how to say it, They know how to play it, They wind it up and let it go! I love the thrill of New York shows, I'd love to kiss Durante's nose! But I'd like to say before I close, That I love, I just love, Oh I love being here with you, you all! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2017)


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