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I LOVE HER, THAT'S WHY (Al Hoffman / Dick Manning (m & l) ) As sung by George Burns and Gracie Allen in < The Musical Version >, Season 6 Episode 6 1955 from the < George Burns and Gracie Allen Collection 1950-1958 >. [George] She wakes me up when I'm in slumber deep To ask me if I really am asleep Why do I stand for it I love her, that's why. She calls the doctor when I need some bread And calls the baker when I'm sick in bed Why do I stand for it I love her, that's why. Life without, is unpredictable But I'm a guy that knows no fear A jibber-jaboree, may puzzle you or me But to her, it's perfectly clear. She'll make a date with me, then make me wait And then she'll bawl me out for being late Why do I stand for it Ooo, I love her, that's why. [Gracie] He serenades with the gravel voice I have to listen 'cause I have no choice Why do I stand for it I love him, that's why. He'll keep repeating all his corny jokes And making snide remarks about my folks Why do I stand for it I love him, that's why. Life with him is so lugubrious Whatever that my mean, I'm sure He calls me sweetie pie, but never tells me why Now you see, what I must endure. He'll start a quarrel over silly things Like wrecking cars or losin' diamond rings Why do I stand for it I love him, that's why. Notes: Al Hoffman, the co-composer here and a Russian born American, wrote music for stage and film from the 1930s forward. Hoffman's popular works were recorded by some of the biggest names of the day, Frank Sinatra, Billy Eckstine, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Eartha Kitt, Patsy Cline et al. One of his more notable and imaginative songs he wrote with Drake and Livingstone was called Mairzy Doats from 1943. George Burns and Gracie Allen, the consummate husband and wife team, started their careers together in the 1922 vaudeville theatres. This successful twosome was able to parlay their outstanding business acumen, flexibility and showmanship across the many intervening years which covered radio, TV, and film until Gracie passed in 1964. George carried on without his loving wife until his death in 1996 at 100 years old. This wonderful little ditty, , helped promote George Burns' book (essentially a love letter to Gracie) he published by the same name. George Burns and Gracie Allen performed 291 episodes of their show between 1950 and 1958. Several other actors/actresses provided foils for their shenanigans. Amongst them were Bea Benaderet / Harry von Zell / Larry Keating and Ronnie Burns. (Transcribed by David Story - March 2014)


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