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I LOVE MY BABY (MY BABY LOVES ME) Harry Warren (m) Bud Green (l) as recorded by Lee Morse & her Blue Grass Boys November 1925 New York also recorded by - The Little Ramblers '25 Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians '25 Elsie Carlisle '26 Josephine Baker '26 Aileen Stanley & Cliff Edwards '26 Jill Corey w Jimmy Carroll & his Orchestra '56 Janet Klien 2004 Mitch Miller & the Gang Uncle Mort The New Princess Toronto Band (yodelling) Talk about your famous love affairs! Romeo and Juliet had theirs! I just found someone, and someone found me; We're not very famous, but who cares! I love my baby, my baby loves me, Don't know nobody as happy as we! I'm only twenty and he's twenty one, We never worry, we're just havin' fun! Sometimes we quarrel, and maybe we fight, But then we make up the following night! When we're together, we're great company, I love my baby, my baby loves me! (yodelling) I love my baby, my baby loves me, We're happy happy, why shouldn't we be? He gives me kisses, each one is a smack, Oh, but you should hear 'im when I give 'em back! I bought a cookbook, I'm learnin' to bake, He like my coffee, keeps himself awake! We wash the dishes from seven to three, I love my baby, my baby loves me! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2013)


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