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I LOVE THAT GIRL (Cy Coben) as recorded by Vic Damone 1950 Cupid aimed his arrow and then he let it fly, It landed in the heart of an innocent guy, And ever since that day I find I'm slowly going out of my mind! I love the girl, Though she grieves me and she leaves me in a whirl! She breaks dates and I'm left alone, Then I tell her she's on her own, But then I break my neck to get her on the phone, 'Cause I love the girl! I love the miss, She's the only gal with the atomic kiss! There's no-one like her in these here parts, She's upset lots of apple carts, 'Cause when she kisses you the chain reaction starts, Oh I love the girl! I love the dope, Where her future is concerned there is no hope! What ambitions that gal enjoys, Here's the latest with which she toys, To be a lady wrestler who just wrestles boys! Still I love the girl! I love the chick, Though her lies and alibis are mighty slick! Now she said I'm the first man she's known, But her kisses have clearly shown She know a lot she never could have learned alone! Still I love the girl! I love the dame, All from the start upon my heart she staked her claim. Other girls may admire me, Movie stars may desire me, But she's the main character in my diary, 'Cause I love the girl! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2020)


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