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I LOVE THE GIRLS IN MY OWN PECULIAR WAY From the film "Queen High" (1930) (E.Y. Harburg / Henry Souvaine) Charles Ruggles (Film Soundtrack) - 1930 Some worship women and some respect them I like to strangle and then disect them I love the girls in my own peculiar way It seems to be my delicious hobby Sucking on ladies in some dark lobby I give the best little necks a break in place There's my first, my Henrietta May her carcass rest where it's found Furthermore, put out her can When the garbage man comes around Her hair was red, so I had to match it That's what I did with my little red hatchet I love the girls in my own peculiar way Women have charms I don't find in men They fascinate me greatly, but then There comes a time in each woman's life When a little suffocation does her good Caesar enjoyed seeing women frolic I like to bathe them in hot carbolic Boy, what a joy when they gurgle down the drain Henry the Eighth was a heartbreak wizard But when it comes to a lady's gizzard I can extract them without the slightest pain There's my first, my Henrietta Who has gone and sprung a little leak Though her soul may be in Heaven Her body's up the creek How it was done really don't concern us The better half seemed to fit a furnace I love the girls in my own peculiar way (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2011)


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