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I LOVE THE GUY (I LOVE THE GIRL) (Cy Koben) As sung by Sarah Vaughan 1950, track from 2006 ‘Sinner or Saint’ I love the guy Though he grieves me and he leaves me High and dry He breaks dates and I’m left alone Then I say that he’s on his own But when he calls I break my neck to get the phone ‘Cause I love the guy. I like the lad ‘Though he lies and alibis Just drives me mad We go out and he doesn’t dress I get angry but I confess He’s mine and I don’t really care if he’s a mess ‘Cause I love the guy. (bridge) I want the dope I adore him, all before him, there’s no hope He’s not true when he’s at his best Oh, what escapades he’s confessed But mine’s the only name that’s tattooed on his chest Yes, I love the guy. (bridge) I need the boy When he kisses, then this miss is filled with joy Famous men may admire me Millionaires may desire me But he’s the main character in my diary ‘Cause I love the boy I like the lad I want the dope, XXX the boy I love the boy. NOTES: Sarah Vaughn, an American jazz singer who performed professionally from 1945 to 1990, was nicknamed ‘Sassy’ because of her rather informal speech and manner. The NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) Jazz Masters bestowed it’s highest award on her in 1989. (Transcribed by David Story - January 2014)


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