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I LOVE THE WHOLE UNITED STATES (Roger Lewis / Ernie Erdman, 1918) A soldier from the South and a soldier from the North who fought each other back in sixty-two Met on the street one day one wore a suit of grey, The other wore a tattered suit of blue, One said he loved the South the best the other said the North. They argued till the tears came to their eyes But Dixie's son, a boy in blue said: Gentlemen the war is through, So love the flag no matter where it flies. The soldier from the North and the soldier from the South were listening to the soldier boy in blue They shook each other's hand, and seemed to understand, That they should love old Uncle Sammy too, They marched together down the street as comrades ought to do. The war is over and they were satisfied, And Dixie's son, the boy in blue, at last was mighty happy too, And to himself again he softly sighed: I love the whole United States from Boston Massachusetts to Frisco's golden gates, the cotton fields of Dixie the Maple trees of Maine, the mountains of Virginia I love them all the same, I love the fields of Illinois and Georgia where my sweetheart waits every city large and small in Yankeeland I love them all I love the whole United States.


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