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I LOVE TO WATCH THE MOONLIGHT Joseph Myrow / Bickley Reichner as rec by Helen O'Connell w Jimmy Dorsey & his Orch May 10th 1940 New York I love to watch the moonlight With arms about you, And right from the start, Your love in my heart! This sunny afternoon light I know wouldn't do, So darling please don't run out On my heart tonight. I love to watch the moonlight, Long after the dance, Come over the hill, I get such a thrill! With you a March or June night Is good for romance, Let's put our lips together, Give romance a chance! Love can be so intense, I touch your hand and feel my heart grow immense! Your lips I adore, I guess because I love you just a bit more than others before! A sentimental tune might Be thrilling to sing While watching the stars, Especially ours! Your eyes are filled with moonlight, My heart filled with Spring, I love to watch the moonlight, So to thee I cling! (Contributed by Peter Akers - April 2009)


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