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I LOVE YOU BABY (Paul Anka) Paul Anka Also recorded by: Adriano Celentano; Freddie & the Dreamers; Tommy Steele. Verse 1: As I walked by the seaside As I walked through the grass I see little bluebirds Making love while I pass Bees are humming And there's singing everywhere Everyone's in love Chorus: Oh, oh, oh, I love you baby I love you so I need you honey I'll never let you go 'Cause you're the girl in my eye You're the one I adore And, I-I-I love you Verse 2: As I walked by the schoolyard As I watched by the gate I see the weeping willow Where we kissed on every date And carved in the bark You'll find an arrow and a heart And underneath it said Repeat Chorus Verse 3: As I walked to the corner And I passed the candy store I heard the very music That I once heard before Oh how you held me As the music stopped and played I was so in love Repeat Chorus (Fades To End) I-I-I love you I-I-I love you I-I-I love you


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