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I'M A GIGOLO From : "Wake Up and Dream, 1929" (Cole Porter) I should like you all to know, I'm a famous gigolo. And of lavender, my nature's got just a dash in it. As I'm slightly undersexed, You will always find me next To some dowager who's wealthy rather than passionate. Go to one of those night club places And you'll find me stretching my braces Pushing ladies with lifted faces 'round the floor. But I must confess to you There are moments when I'm blue. And I ask myself whatever I do it for. I'm a flower that blooms in the winter, Sinking deeper and deeper in snow. I'm a baby who has No mother but jazz, I'm a gigolo. Ev'ry morning, when labor is over, To my sweet-scented lodgings I go, Take the glass from the shelf And look at myself, I'm a gigolo. I get stocks and bonds From faded blondes Ev'ry twenty-fifth of December. Still I'm just a pet That men forget And only tailors remember. Yet when I see the way all the ladies Treat their husbands who put up the dough, You cannot think me odd If then I thank God I'm a gigolo.


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