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IMAGINE (Blane / Martin) from 1954 film "Athena" sung by Vic Damone & Debbie Reynolds (Ralph Blane (m) Hugh Martin (l) 1954) Vic Damone & Debbie Reynolds (film soundtrack) [vd] Imagine you're an apple, A big red apple, Sittin' on top of a tree. If I came along at just the right minute, You might fall for me! Imagine you're a willow, A weepin' willow, Weepin' for some rain from the blue. If I were a cloud with lots of rain in it, I might fall for you! Imagine that I'm the ocean, Imagine that you're the shore. I'd drench you with damp devotion, I'd pour it before you And roar "I adore you!". Imagine you're a flower, A full blown flower, Imagine I'm a rather fresh bee. If I came along at just the right minute, You'd be sweet to me, As sweet as honey to me! [dr] Honey! Imagine I'm a spider, A big black spider, Imagine you're a very small fly. If you came along at just the wrong minute, Kiss the fly goodbye! Imagine you're a weevil, An old bo weevil, Suppose a field of cotton is me. If you came along at just the wrong minute, Fetch the DDT! In the flame you're a moth that's spinning, Around me you whirl and turn. Prepare for your final inning, I'll spurn you and burn you, I guess that'll learn you! Imagine we're a couple, A shipwrecked couple, Together on an island for two, hey! If you were the one and only man in it, I'd be cool to you, As cold as Winter to you! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2014)


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