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I’M A LITTLE BLACKBIRD LOOKING FOR A BLUEBIRD (George W. Meyer, Arthur Johnston) As recorded by: Savoy Havana Band, Dir. Reg Batten Unknown vocalist. Recorded 23rd September 1926 Also recorded by: Sidney Bechet / Clarence Williams Louis Armstrong, Dick Hyman Earl Hines ………and others. I’m a little blackbird looking for a bluebird too You know little blackbirds get a little lonesome too And blue I’ve been all over from east to west In search of someone to feather my nest Why don’t I find one the same as you do The answer must be that I am a hoodoo I’m a little jazz-bo, looking for a rainbow, too Building fairy castles same as all the white folks do That’s true For love I‘m dyin‘, my heart is cryin’ A wise old owl said keep on tryin’ I’m a little blackbird looking for a bluebird now. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - October 2013)


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