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I'M ALL BOUND 'ROUND WITH THE MASON DIXON LINE (Words by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young / Music by Jean Schwartz, 1917) My daddy courted my Mammy, away down South; they married in Alabammy, away down South; and when I came into this world, old Dixie gave me birth, that's why I claim that Dixie is the finest place on earth. They brought me up in sunny Caroline, and they just planted Dixie in the heart of mine. Last night I lay awake thinking of Dixie land; thinking of Abraham Lincoln, and Dixie land; he surely loved the stars and stripes, the Southern and the North, and his poor heart was broken when the loyal sons marched forth. Why no one loved old Dixie more than he, excepting that it might have been poor little me. I'm all abound round with the Mason Dixon Line; it's pulling me, back where I used to be; when I was younger I knew every lane. Now I hunger to be once again; back where the robin keeps throbbing pretty melodies; and when I'm all bound round with a pair of loving arms, Oh! mother mine! I'll know I'm in Caroline; I've read a lot about Heaven, but give me Dixie all the time; for I've found that I'm bound, bound all around, with the Mason Dixon Line.


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