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I’M ALL SMILES (Michael Leonard (m) / Herbert Martin (l) ) Lyrics as released in Barbra Streisand’s 1964 fourth solo album ‘People’. I'm all smiles, darlin’ You'd be too If you knew, darlin’ All of my smiles were for you. I'm all chills, darlin’ Through and through But my cold hands, darlin’ Warm to the touch of you. Rain hasn't fallen for days now But rainbows are fillin’ the skies My heart must have painted those rainbows Shining before my eyes. Can't you tell that I'm in love, darlin’ Deep and true, with guess who, darlin’ Someone I die for Beg steal or lie for Eat humble pie for Someone to fly To the sun, moon and sky for Someone to live for To love with and cry for And that someone is you. NOTES: These lyrics were sung (by Carmen Alvarez aka Twink) in the ill-fated 1965 Broadway musical ‘The Yearling’ which closed after 3 performances. Director: Lloyd Richards Leads: David Wayne / Carmen Alvarez/ Peter Falzone / Carmen Mathews (Transcribed by David Story - January 2014)


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