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I'M A MIGHTY TIGHT WOMAN Sippie Wallace 1926 Sippie Wallace rec Nov 20th 1926 Chicago I come to you, sweet man, fallin' on my knees, I come to you, pretty papa, fallin' on my knees, To ask if you ain't got nobody, kind sir, you take me please! 'Cause I'm a mighty tight woman, I'm a real tight woman, I'm a jack of all trades! I can be your sweet woman, Also be your slave; I can do things so good That you will swear that I won't age! I hear everybody saying that I'm tight in everything I do, I got all the men cryin', I'm a broad that never feels blue; All I want is a good man and I will make him happy too! If you're a married man you ain't got no business here, 'Cause when you're out with me I might make your wife shed tears, 'Cause I'm a mighty tight woman and there is nothin' that I fear! (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2009)


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