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I'M A POACHED EGG [WITHOUT TOAST] from 1964 film "kiss Me, Stupid" (George Gershwin (m) Ira Gershwin (l) 1964*) as recorded by Ella Fitzgerald 1964 I'm a poached egg without a piece of toast, Yorkshire pudding without a beef to roast, I'm a haunted house that hasn't got a ghost When I'm without you! I'm a mouse trap without a piece of cheese, I'm Vienna without the Viennese, I'm Da Vinci without the Mona Lise, I'm skies without blue! When you don't hang around I'm a kangaroo without a hop, When will you show me that as Romeo you're not a flop? I'm a western without a hitching post, I'm a network without a coast-to-coast, Just a poached egg without a piece of toast Each time I'm without you! I am Venice without a gondolier Or Milwaukee without a glass of beer, Could be Switzerland without a mountaineer When I'm without you! Like Columbus without Queen Isabel, Neiman Marcus without a thing to sell, Mister Hilton with only one hotel, And what can I do? Each time you wander Hither and yonder, Don't know where I'm at! I only know I'm lonely, so I'm here to tell you that I'm a girlfriend without a thing to post, Any egghead would have me diagnosed As a poached egg without a piece of toast Each time I'm without you! I'm a poached egg! * - lyrics written in 1964 to George Gershwin's previously written and unpublished music (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2013)


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