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I'M A'TINGLE, I'M A'GLOW from 1949 New York musical "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" click here for tracks from the film version (Jule Styne (m) Leo Robin (l) 1949) George S Irving (original cast) with Orchestra conducted by Milton Rosenstock I don't smoke, Never touch a drink, But I'm sturdy as an oak And I'm always in the pink! I leap out of bed at the crack of dawn, As graceful as an elk, as nimble as a fawn! The life I lead would gladden The heart of Bernard McFadden! >From head to toe, I'm alive, I'm a'tingle, I'm a'glow! With the red corpuscles Dancing through my muscles, I'm so full of pep I overflow! And I owe it all to roughage, he-he! Rough, rough, rough, rough roughage! I know the door to paradise Is outdoor exercise; In rain or snow, I'm alive, I'm a'tingle, I'm a'glow! I start my day with a bowl of bran, And the whole day through I'm a happy man! I laugh at care and woe, I'm alive, I'm a'tingle, I'm a'glow! (That's just wonderful, Mister Gage! Marvellous!) I know full well How Samson fell Into Delilah's power, So when I start to lose my heart, I just take a nice ice-cold shower! I'm no Romeo, I'm alive, I'm a'tingle, I'm a'glow, I'm alive, I'm a'tingle, I'm a'glow! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2013)


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