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I'M AT THE MERCY OF LOVE as rec by Thomas "Fats" Waller & his Rhythm Sept 9th 1936 New York Mornin' noon and night there's only one I crave, Every time she's near me my heart won't behave! If the truth was known, for ever I'd be her slave, I'm at the mercy of love, love, love, love! What's this mystery power she has over me? What's this mad desire that won't let me be? I'm just like a prisoner that don't want to be free, I'm at the mercy of love, yeah! One day she'll grieve me, next day fine; Should she deceive me, I won't mind, But should she leave me, lordy mine! It would drive me insane Not to see her again! Maybe I'm just a fool for lovin' her so, I know, Maybe I should leave her, but where would I go? Deep down in my soul I've got to have her, I know, I'm just a victim of love, I'm cryin' in my beer too! I'm at the mercy of love! Yes yes, mercy me! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2011)


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