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I'M AVAILABLE (Dave Burgess) Margie Rayburn - 1957 Dave Burgess - 1961 (Doo-ee-doo-ee-doo-ee-doo) (Doo-ee-doo-ee-doo-ee-doo) (Doo-ee-doo-ee-doo-ee-doo) (Doo-ee-doo-ee-doo-ee-doo) Well, I'm available to hold you tight I'm available for Saturday night I'm available and willing, it's true, ooh-oooh Available to fall in lo-ove with you Well, I'm available to take a chance I'm available to start a new romance I'll be agreeable 'cause I'm hopin' you, ooh-oooh Will be available too, ooh-oooh My heart tells me That you need a little loove So let's get started 'Cause that's what I've plenty of I'm available for you to take me home I'm available for sittin' all alone Well, I'm available for a kiss or two, ooh-oooh My lovable baby, I'm in love with you, ooh-oooh (Doo-ee-doo-ee-doo-ee-doo) (Doo-ee-doo-ee-doo-ee-doo) (Doo-ee-doo-ee-doo-ee-doo) (Doo-ee-doo-ee-doo-ee-doo)


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