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I'M BASHFUL Merrill / Schofield as rec by Connie Haines w George Cates & his Orch June 1950 Hollywood I wanna kiss you as bad as can be, But I'm bashful! I wanna know how you feel about me, But I'm bashful! When we've been out all alone I go home brokenhearted; Why did I stumble and fumble and never get started? I wanna say that I go for your looks, But I'm bashful! Say what they say in the movies and books But I'm bashful! I wanna house With a cat and a mouse, And some kiddies that look just like you! But I'm so bashful; Gee, what'll we do If you're bashful too? Words wanna start But they stick in my heart, 'Cause I'm bashful! Can't call you "honey", I'm scared as a bunny, I'm bashful! You oughta hear What I say to you, dear. When I'm dreamin'! I'm such a lover, I wake and discover I'm beamin'! I took your photograph home to my father and mother; They wanna know if you might have a sister for brother! We should be headin' Right straight for a weddin', But I can't get goin' with you! I want lovin' and kissin', Things I've been missin', But I'll never get them with you, 'Cause you're bashful too! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - June 2012)


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