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I'M DANCING AS FAST AS I CAN (Bob McDill) Juice Newton He said, “I’ve seen you before”, As the band broke into Misty. I put one hand on the bar. The whole room by then Was starting to spin. I said, “you’ve got Hemingway’s eyes”, And that night I called him papa. It seems that there are so many lovers Who hold you and yet, Whose name you forget. Chorus Dance, they said Life is only for the moment The light is brief, Don’t waste it. The taste is sweet so taste it. So I said I understand, I’m dancing as fast as I can. Maybe were just shooting stars Needing something to hold on to, But each thing we touch seems to vanish, Like candles and friends They burn at both ends. Chorus He said I’ll see you around, And as I brushed my hair I winked and said, “you might”. ‘Cause I know by now how it’s done, After all the mornings after And all the nights. Chorus


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