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I'M DOING THIS FOR YOUR SAKE (Dolly Parton) Dolly Parton - 1969 Someone else's arms will hold you my darlin' baby girl I'll never get to see the child I brought into this world Because I made one mistake folks say that I'm bad But they just don't understand the way I loved your dad Now I thought your daddy loved me, I was so sure he did And so I gave him all my love and he said we would wed But I guess he must have changed his mind 'cause he left town one day When he found out about you he just upped and ran away In this home so far away from home I leave my heart today 'Cause home is where the heart is and with you my heart will stay Because I love you so much, why, I can't make you pay So I'm doing this for your sake, I'm giving you away (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2018)


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