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I'M FOLLOWING YOU From the film "It's A Great Life" (1929) (Dave Dreyer / Ballard Macdonald) Rosetta Duncan & Vivian Duncan (Film Soundtrack) - 1929 Paul Specht & His Orch. - 1930 The High Hatters - 1930 Annette Hanshaw - 1930 Lee Morse - 1930 As recorded by ANNETTE HANSHAW, 11th February 1930: You say that you're going away You think that I'll be lonely Just as sad and blue as I can be I'll say if you're going away I've just one idea only Don't think you'll ever get rid of me Wherever you go, whatever you do I want you to know I'm following you Whatever you climb or tumble into Why, all of the time I'm following you The battle won't be half so hard If you've someone to share it I'll gladly carry half the load What's more, grin and bear it You're part of my heart You know that it's true Whenever you start I'm following you (Instrumental Break) I can't forget the day you swore By all the stars above you That I was yours and you were mine You said you'd always love me You're part of my heart You know that it's true Whenever you start, whatever you do I'm following you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2013)


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