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I'M GOIN' BACK TO LOUISIANA (Floyd Thompson / E. Clinton Keithley, 1913) I long to be roamin' down in Louisiana with my lover's gal, only pal, Floatin' on the river while the moon is shinin' With my lovin' gal, Only pal, The whippoor will is callin' from the distant shore, I hear the banjos ring, Darkies sing, In Louisiana Dear Louisiana, There is where my heart will ever cling. I don't know why I ever roamed from Louisiana and my Dixie home, Dixie home, There among the cotton fields I lived the sweetest days I ever known, Ever known, Tonight I'm goin' to sail along the Mississippi river on my way, On my way, And I know tomorrow I'll be free from sorrow, See my lovin' gal at break of day. I'm goin' back to Louisiana where the bright moon shines, I'm goin' back to Louisiana and to that old gal of mine. When I get back we ain't a goin' to tarry, We're a goin' to find a Preacher man and marry, In the beautiful garden of Louisiana Where the bright moon shines.


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