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I'M GOING BACK TO CAROLINA (Billy Downs / Ernie Erdman, 1913) Don't ask me why I'm leaving, You see I'm not grieving, I'm really feeling grand, I'm waiting for the train dear, that takes me back again dear, To sweet old Dixieland. I'm thru with all the bright lights, The Cafes and the white lights, The hurly burly noise of old Broadway I hear that engine puffing, Believe me I'm not bluffing, good bye, I'm on my way. I'm glad that I'm returning, For years I have been yearning, To see my home again. I seem to hear the crickets a chirping in the thickets Way down in lover's lane, It makes me feel like yelling, Ma's homemade pies I'm smelling Oh gee, I'm just as happy as can be I'll feel a grand sensation When I see my home station, I'm on my way, fare thee I'm going back, back, back to Carolina That's where I belong I'm going back, to Carolina And join the Dixie throng, come along come along I know the folks will all be glad to see me Just for Auld Lang Syne Here comes my train, ding, dong, Toot - toot, Farewell, so long I'm going back to Carolin'.


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