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I'M GOING BACK TO MY USED TO BE (Jimmy Cox / Whitman) as recorded by Bessie Smith & Clara Smith with Fletcher Henderson (piano) October 4th 1925 New York [cs] I feel sad, [bs] You feel blue, [cs] I can hardly sleep at night! [bs] For your man was sore all the time, [cs] And I know I didn't treat him right! [bs] You goin' back to your first love, [cs] 'Cause a good man is hard to find! [bs] I say you'll have just a grand good man, [cs] Believe me he is sure on my mind! [cs] I'm goin' back, [bs] Yeah, you carryin' it on back, [cs] I'm goin' back to my used to be! [bs] You goin' back, [cs] I'm goin' back, 'Cause my man was so good to me! [cs] When last winter, when times was rough, [bs] Look out there Clara, You know your man was in the pool yard, struttin' his stuff! [cs] Exactly! I'm goin' back! [bs] Clara, you say you're goin' back, [cs] I'm goin' back to my used to be! [bs] And it's this mornin', [cs] Back to my used to be! [bs] What can you use him for? [cs] Crazy about my used to be! [bs] He ain't good lookin'! [cs] I love my used to be! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2016)


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