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I'M GOIN' BACK TO WHUR I COME FROM (Carson Robison) Carson Robison & His Buckaroos - 1942 Vincent Lopez & His Orch. (vocal: Gerry Larson) - 1944 Spike Jones & his City Slickers (vocal: Del Porter) - 1944 Judy Hayden - 1953 Dickson Hall & The Laurie Sisters - 1958 The Limeliters - 1963 Archie Campbell - 1966 Billy Large - 1968 Also recorded by: June Carter; Lulu Belle & Scotty I'm goin' back to whur I come from Where the honeysuckle smells so sweet it durn near makes you sick I used to think my life was humdrum But I sure have learned a lesson that is bound to stick There ain't no use of me pretendin' The city sure ain't no place for a guy like me to end in Goin' back to whur I come from Whur the mockin' bird is singin' in the lilac bush I used to go down to the station Every evenin' just to watch the Pullman train come rollin' in And then one night, that great temptation Got the best of me and drove me to a life of sin I took my hat and fourteen dollars And I went through all the troubles of this life that always follers When you're rich and huntin' romance But my huntin' days are over, I can tell you that I met a man in Kansas City An' he winked at me and asked me if I'd like to step around And I said, "Yup! that's what I'm here fer" And he said he'd take me to the hottest spots in town He mentioned things he'd have to fix up So he took my fourteen dollars, but there must have been a mix-up He's been gone since Thursday evenin' And I've got a hunch I'll never see that guy no more When I get old and have a grandson I can tell him 'bout my romance and then watch his eyes bug out But chances are he won't believe me So he'll do the same darn thing when he's growed up, no doubt But he can't say I didn't warn him What will happen if he meets up with that city guy, goldarn him I'm goin' back to whur I come from Whur the mockin' bird is singin' in the lilac bush (Contributed by Bill Huntley - 2005) (Updated by Mel Priddle - December 2015)


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