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I'M GOING TO CLIMB THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS BACK TO YOU (Words by Robert Levenson / Music by George B. McConnell, 1918) Somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains, far above the sad blue sea, somewhere there's a heart that's yearning, that is where I long to be. In my dreams you're near and yet so far, I'll come back to where you are. I can see the love light gleaming, guiding me along the way to a little lonely cabin where I'll be with you for aye. As we sit beside the cabin door, I'll sing this refrain once more. I'm on my way back to you, like the mountains, dear, I know you're blue. Tho' the road is hard and long, still my love has grown so strong that I'd follow you the whole world through. Where the mountains and the skies above are bluer, I will find someone I know is truer than skies above, pretty mountains rose, doll up in your gingham clothes, I'm goin' to climb the Blue Ridge Mountains back to you.


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