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I'M GONNA BRING A WATERMELON (TO MY GIRL TONIGHT) (Music: Con Conrad / Lyric: Billy Rose) Billy Jones & Ernest Hare - 1924 The Two Gilberts - 1924 Jack Hylton & His Orch. - 1924 Savoy Havana Band - 1924 Paul Allen's Orch. - 1924 Greening's Dance Orch. - 1924 Wag Abbeys " Star " Syncopators - 1924 Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - 1966 All the boys love Mary, little Mary Brown But she's so contrary when they come around Only Tommy Tucker ever gets a kiss When the fellows cornered him, he told them this ... When I brought an apple, she let me hold her hand When I brought an orange, we kissed to beat the band When I brought bananas, she hugged me all her might I'm gonna bring a watermelon to my girl tonight When I brought an onion, she said it made her cry When I brought a grapefruit, it squirted in her eye When I brought lush melons, she said "I can't elope" I brought her garlic, now I'll find her in the dark, I hope When I brought a rowboat, she kissed me on the cheek When I brought a sailboat, she took me for a week When I brought a tugboat, she sure did treat me right I'm gonna bring a battleship up to my girl tonight When I brought a goldfish, she cuddled up to me When I brought a polly, she parked upon my knee When I brought a bulldog, she shouted with delight I'm gonna bring an elephant up to my girl tonight When I brought her ribbons, she hung them on her hair When I brought her tassels, she hung them here and there When I brought her wire, she hung it on the shelf Tonight I'm gonna bring a rope and let her hang herself (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2017)


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