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I'M GONNA LAUGH YOU (RIGHT) OUT OF MY LIFE Cy Coleman / Joe McCarthy as rec by Nancy Wilson w Billy May & his Orch May 1960 also rec by- Frank Sinatra '52 Nat "King" Cole '54 Sarah Vaughan w Jimmy Jones & his Orch '60 Peggy Lee w Orch cond by Quincy Jones '61 Dinah Washington w Don Costa & his Orch '62 Alice Ricciardi 2008 I'm gonna laugh you right out of my life, Laugh and forget this affair; Guess I was foolish to care! So I'm gonna dance you right out of my dreams, Try to be carefree and gay. I guess I'll learn to play the part, 'Cause when our friends begin that heartless rumour, I know I'll really need my sense of humour! I'm gonna laugh you right out of my life, Make it a beautiful joke; No-one will know you broke my heart! But if I find you and I Really meant that last goodbye, Then I'm gonna laugh so hard I'll cry! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2012)


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