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I'M GONNA MAKE HAY ... WHILE THE SUN SHINES IN VIRGINIA (Joe Young, Sam Lewis / Archie Gottler, 1916) City people pity people living on the farm, I'm going home today 'Way down Virginia way' You know my dad's a farmer So is mamma, They live in a shack If you think I'm grieving because I'm leaving, Try and hold me back, Howdy do there, how are you there, That's Virginia way, when they shake hands with you Their hearts go with it too I'm gonna send a wire To the Squire Here's just what I'll write If the train don't show up I will show up Home tomorrow night. I'm gonna make hay while the sun shines in Virginia, The old folks need a lot of sunshine now, I'm gonna be a farmer in Virginia I'll plant a kiss on mother's wrinkled brow (How I love her) I'm gonna raise the mortgage from the homestead I'll weed out all their sorrows and their tears I'm gonna make hay while the sun shines in Virginia I'm gonna brighten up their few remaining years.


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