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I'M IN A DANCING MOOD Al Hoffman (m) Maurice Sigler (l) Al Goodhart (l) 1936 as rec by Jack Leonard w Tommy Dorsey & his Orch 1936 also rec by- Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph '36 Ann Shelton w Ambrose & his Orch '36 Joe Loss & his Orch '57 Russ Morgan & his Orch I'm in a dancing mood, A gay romancing mood, Whenever I'm with you! The music seems brighter, My trouboles are lighter too, When I'm with you! I'm in a merry mood, A light and airy mood, Whenever you are near! I feel like a feather When we are dancing together, dear, So let me hear; I want to hear a rhythm that has a trick in it, Hot music that's got a kick in it! It's really heavenly, The way you follow me, You seem to know my mood; You know how to chime in When I'm in A dancing mood. (Contributed by Peter Akers - July 2009)


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