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I'M IN A JAM WITH BABY (Music: Ray Heindorf & M.K. Jerome / Lyrics: Ted Koehler) Jimmie Lunceford & His Orch. - 1945 Gale Robbins (Feat. in the film "Race Street") - 1948 Harry James & His Music Makers (vocal: Gale Robbins) - 1953 Why am I in the sky when I oughta be Walking around on the ground Down where I belong Who am I to deny that I'm out of my mind You would have to be blind Not to see that something's wrong The reason's not hard to guess So I'll just break down and confess I'm in a jam with Baby Baby won't talk to me Looks like someone has been lyin' I guess a friend of mine is tryin' Tryin' to take my Baby from me Obviously they're jealous I'm so in love with Baby But I admit truthfully I don't know this game of love too well I don't know where I am I only know that I'm in a jam (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2010)


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